Our Values

At Hemgude Zuzindlak PLLC, we understand that immigration is personal, intimate, and at times overwhelming. Although our attorneys cannot control the federal agencies involved in the immigration process, we can control our actions. The following “AAA” core values guide our work and representation of our clients:

ACCESS. We understand that you want to speak to an attorney when you call our law firm. All emails, phone calls, and text messages via WhatsApp are directly routed to the Principal Attorney of Hemgude Zuzindlak PLLC. You will never need to talk to an assistant or paralegal before speaking with an attorney about your case. Additionally, we will use all tools at our disposal to ensure that you have access to your case information from both our office and the federal government.

ACCOMODATION. We understand that our clients have varying languages, cultures, abilities, and skills. We will never force you to interact with us in a way that makes you uncomfortable or creates hardship for you. Instead, we promise to meet you where you are in your life. We offer a variety of communication, meeting, and payment methods to make your interactions with us as smooth and easy as possible.

ADVOCACY. Immigrant lives matter. Period. At Hemgude Zuzindlak PLLC, our clients are humans, not transactions. We promise to treat our clientele with dignity and respect and advocate for their needs both in the context of their cases and in our community. We also welcome our clients to contact us about any struggle or challenge they are facing in their personal lives so that we can connect them with safe and vetted resources to help them not only survive but thrive in the United States.

How We Continue to Grow

Hemgude Zuzindlak PLLC continues to grow to meet our clients’ needs by encouraging its attorneys to specialize in specific areas of immigration and nationality law. In 2020, the firm established its FOIA/Investigations Section, which focuses on obtaining records from the government, either administratively or through litigation, and meticulously reviewing them to aid in the strategic planning of a client’s case, whether the case involves filing new paperwork for a previously unidentified immigration benefit or filing supplemental paperwork to address a problem.

In 2021, Hemgude Zuzindlak PLLC welcomed Patrick Thomas Duckett to its team of attorneys as an International Corporate and Business Immigration specialist. Having 8+ years of experience as in-house counsel for multinational corporations, Patrick’s expertise adds tremendous value to the companies and individuals who rely on Hemgude Zuzindlak PLLC for employment-based immigration services.

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