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Zainab Boxwala and Chelsea Zuzindlak met as classmates enrolled in their law school’s Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic. Together, they jointly managed the working case file of an asylum applicant and her minor son, devised a removal defense strategy, researched key issues in the case, and drafted and filed two pre-hearing briefs. They sought country condition and medical experts and prepared them for written and oral testimony, and extensively prepared their client for her nine-hour individual merits hearing at the Detroit Immigration Court.

Zainab and Chelsea’s dedication to their case fostered trust in each other’s legal ethics and work product. They enjoyed working together because they share the same fastidious work ethic, motivate each other to maximize output, and hone the unique qualities each one possesses to optimize their time and resources. The foundation of their working relationship at Boxwala Zuzindlak PLLC was established during this period. Some of the key principles that guided their relationship then, and still root their relationship now, include executing disciplined strategies for researching, evaluating and selecting the best course of action for their clients in any given situation. No case is too simple or too complex. They apply the same exacting standard of analysis and strategy development to each client’s case. They firmly believe, through their experience, that cases which initially appear simple may become challenging, even problematic, as more facts surface; while cases which appear complex at first blush may actually resolve with the simplest of solutions.

How We Continue to Grow

Boxwala Zuzindlak PLLC continues to grow to meet our clients’ needs by encouraging its attorneys to specialize in specific areas of immigration and nationality law. In 2020, the firm established its FOIA/Investigations Section, which focuses on obtaining records from the government, either administratively or through litigation, and meticulously reviewing them to aid in the strategic planning of a client’s case, whether the case involves filing new paperwork for a previously unidentified immigration benefit or filing supplemental paperwork to address a problem. In 2021, Boxwala Zuzindlak PLLC welcomed Patrick Thomas Duckett to its team of attorneys as an International Corporate and Business Immigration specialist. Having 8+ years of experience as in-house counsel for multinational corporations, Patrick’s expertise adds tremendous value to the companies and individuals who rely on Boxwala Zuzindlak PLLC for employment-based immigration services.

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